Our Success stories

  • 1960

    Kandil Steel

    Kandil represented a pillar within the industrialization of the Egyptian market, a genuine regional steel..... Read More

  • 1995

    Silika Mining

    SILIKA MINING one of the biggest companies in Egypt. We mainly produce silica sand from our own quarries..Read More

  • 1997


    Archi Touch, founded in 1997 as an Egyptian trading company of office furniture & equipments, powered... Read More

  • 2005

    Kandil Glass

    Kandil Glass, is one of the leading glass container manufacturers in Egypt and the Middle East. We operate two modern.. Read More

  • 2005


    Vertika, took birth in 2005 from being the in-house IT services department of the Kandil Group, a diversi... Read More

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Kandi Industries


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